Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "I had surgery to my Face and Tummy. What services do you offer?"

    Aspen Rehabilitation specializes in after-surgery swelling, lymphatic drainage massage, as well as scar management for those who had surgery to the face and tummy. After-surgery pain, bruising, and swelling can be effectively lessened and recovery sped up with some simple massage and garment techniques. The benefit is reducing after- surgery complications, scar reduction, and improving your after-surgery results. Most importantly it is a very effective pain reducer and a good substitute to narcotics and medications. You will view it as a luxurious spa-like treatment and thank yourself for it.

  2. “My breast feels firmer and started to rise up after surgery. What could this be?”

    If you noticed a change in the softness of the breast, change in the shape or position of the breast (usually upwards), more pain or pain that does not resolve after surgery, then you may have the signs of Capsular Contracture. It is important to follow up with your surgeon immediately to confirm this diagnosis. Be careful not to wait or hope that it resolves on its own. True Capsular Contracture does not normally “go away” and must be treated immediately for best results. Aspen Rehabilitation in Coral springs, FL offers a non-surgical treatment for this condition and advises that you follow up immediately. Remember that waiting allows the capsule to become hardened and waiting too long may make the non-surgical treatment ineffective. Another note to consider is that surgical revision of a capsule, or scar tissue, may result in another capsule. It’s important to speak with your surgeon about this risk before jumping into a surgical revision.

  3. “What does Aspen’s non-surgical treatment for Capsular Contracture involve?”

    First, a series of painless therapies are administered. Next , specific implant scar mobilizations and pocket expansion techniques are rendered by one of our licensed experts. Last, a compression bandage or orthotic is fitted to help with the treatment results.

  4. “The local therapy place has an ultrasound machine. If I ask for this treatment will they know what to do?”

    No. Therapist’s (Physical or Massage Therapists, Chiropractors) have no training in this area professionally or continuing education wise here in the United States. They likely assume your doctor knows what he has ordered and experiment with you. Aspen Rehabilitation’s clinical therapists have studied, researched, and developed this treatment protocol through years of international study and research. Don’t put yourself at risk or at best get no results!

  5. “Does it matter how soon treatment begins?”

    Yes. It is of dire importance that you start the second a capsule begins or you notice some changes post-op. The earlier the treatment the better the results!

  6. “Does Accolate or Singulair have any bearing on this treatment”

    These are anti-asthma drugs that seem to show some promise with treating Capsular Contracture. Our best results are when Accolate, Singulair, or Vitamin E are used in conjunction with our program. Postponing our treatment reduces the effectiveness of our program. They should not be viewed as a substitute though.

  7. “Is there such thing as a preventative course of treatment?”

    Yes. If a patient has had a family history, contracture problems in the past, or a high implant, chances are they may benefit from prophylactic treatment regime immediately post-op (2 weeks post-op) to prevent possible complications. We educate patients on post-op massages, garments, and what to look for in the event re-encapsulation occurs with the goal of preventing, rather than treating a fully involved capsule.

  8.  “How do I start treatment?”

    Easy. Simply call your surgeon and have them fax over a prescription that states Eval and Treat with a Diagnosis for Capsular Contracture or other post surgical related issues or click here for link to get started

Aspen Rehabilitation advises that information learned on this website is given as informational only and not to be duplicated or
treatment attempted by non-skilled or un-licensed professionals.

If you have any questions, please Contact the Referral Help Line.

Thank you.



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