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How is Aspen Therapy Program different?

The Aspen Therapy is not designed like a traditional therapy. The Aspen Rehabilitation Technique (ART)* is a patented process exclusive and only available through Aspen Rehabilitation.

*Patent Pending Protection

Why Aspen Therapy for Capsular Contracture?

The Aspen Therapy program essentially allows for a softening, loosening, and increase blood circulation to the implant Capsule which may be beginning to harden and constrict. The softening and reducing scar tissue is manipulated and improves the overall treatment program.

Can I use just any standard therapy Program By

Physical Therapists are trained to work on smaller areas.  That will not work with breast tissue because Capsular Contracture is not a “spot” scar or “local” area of firmness. Capsular Contracture occurs to the covering of the entire implant therefore the whole implant must be treated (See Photo 1 Below of a Breast Implant Capsule)

Photo 1 – Model of Breast Implant Capsule. Note how capsule covers entire implant.

It is important to note this is a total treatment program (Aspen Rehabilitation Technique*) that must be used in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to achieve best results.

Is there Research to support the Aspen Rehabilitation Technique*?

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How Can I get this Treatment? Where is it Available?

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