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 Aspen After Surgery Body Therapy

Improve your healing after Body Contouring surgery.

How It Works

As with any surgical procedure it takes time for the body to heal properly.  Swelling, fluid buildup and pain may occur after plastic surgery procedures and can be greatly reduced with SAFE, NON-INVASIVE and PAINLESS therapy provided utilizing the Aspen After Surgery Treatment.

There are multiple benefits to speeding up your recovery time:

  • Less chance of infection or other complications
  • Fine tuning of results to improve final outcome
  • Patients feel better quicker
  • Patients satisfaction improves
  • Practice generates additional revenue


This latest fat reducing technology has provided some issues where the Aspen After Surgery Treatment have proven effective.  Pain post Fat Freezing can occur in about 20% of patients according to the fat freezing equipment manufacturer’s web sites.  The Aspen Harmonizer™, the Aspen Stimulizer™ in combination with Aspen lymphatic massage techniques can greatly reduce this pain that is often caused by dead fat cells unable to be cleared by the body. This treatment can be done within 1-3 days after the procedure.

Improve the results of your body sculpting with

the Aspen After Surgery Treatment.