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High, Hard, Uneven Breasts After Surgery?

Now You can Have Soft, Shapely & Symmetrical Breasts without Further Surgery with the Aspen After Surgery Treatment.

Causes for Potential Problems:

How Aspen Multi-Energy System & Aspen Therapy Can Help

CAPSULAR HARDENING: Data shows that 1 out of 6 breast implants have a slight to extensive hardening of the capsule that forms around the implant.   The Aspen After Surgery Treatment  safely delivers precisely controlled sounds waves from the Aspen Harmonizer to increase the circulation in the breast to make it more pliable and ready for the Patented Aspen Rehabilitation Technique that includes Aspen Shape & Soften massage and bandaging techniques.   This unique combination of therapy creates an environment of elasticity that over several treatments improves the softness and position of the breast implant to drop into the correct position.

HEMATOMA:  It is estimated up to 6% of patients may experience a pocket of blood inside the wound within 2-3 days after breast surgery. After the clinician drains the blood the Hematoma may lead to a potential infection. The Aspen After Surgery Treatment safely delivers non-invasive Red/Blue light therapy with the Aspen Illuminizer to improve the cellular activity around the area of the Hematoma.  This in combination with lymphatic draining therapy can improve the speed of healing of the area and reduce the potential for infection.

SEROMA:  Often in days or weeks following surgery fluid can collect and the implant causing pain or swelling. Utilizing a combination of the Aspen Stimulizer, the Aspen Illuminizer and lymphatic massage the fluid can be successfully drained from the area.



There are many theories on what might cause capsular contracture.  Some believe it is centered around an infection of the Biofilm, some say genetics play a role.  While there may be  some uncertainty on what triggers capsule around the breast to contract there is no doubt on how it affects the patient. As the breast hardens it can become hard, painful and asymmetrical.

The Aspen After Surgery Treatment developed by clinician Tim Weyant is the only non-invasive technique to successfully treat capsular contracture.

By utilizing the Aspen Harmonizer in conjunction with aggressive therapy over 2 to 3 week period and an ongoing home care program has proven successful at treating Baker II and Baker III graded capsules to an acceptable Baker I level.  Bring bake the shape and softness of the breast as well as the symmetry.

Improve the Shape & Softness of Your Breasts with the Aspen After Surgery Treatment.

Watch Video of Patient's First Aspen Treatment Outcome


"It is actually 90% better. I'm actually shocked.”  -J.L.